Root Canals

Many people hear the term “root canal” and experience some negative emotions or thoughts in connection with the concept. In reality, root canals are actually very beneficial and important to a patient’s overall oral health and well being. That’s why we offer root canal services to dental patients at Drs Chapman & Owens.

What Is a Root Canal? 

The term “endodontics” refers to the study of and treatment of dental pulp. A root canal is an endodontic procedure we can offer here to restore your oral health.

The term, “root canal,” actually refers to a specific part of the tooth: the pulp-filled chamber located at the root of the tooth. The procedure known as a root canal comes from an association to that location of the tooth and the procedure itself.

When the pulp of the tooth becomes badly infected, treatment needs to be performed to save the tooth and prevent further infection. This treatment actually relieves pain from infection rather than causing it.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

Root canal therapy is a process of cleaning away infected areas in a tooth. When you come in with extreme pain localized to a tooth, we’ll take a look to determine the cause of your pain.

If we find that the pulp of the tooth is infected, we may recommend root canal treatment. We perform this treatment on teeth that are badly decayed but still able to be saved.

At Drs Chapman & Owens, we offer root canal therapy with advanced equipment designed to make the treatment faster and easier.

First, the patient will be sedated so as not to feel any pain or discomfort while the procedure is performed. During the treatment, the pulp and nerve ending of the tooth are carefully removed. 

After we’ve cleared away the infected areas, we’ll clean the inside of the tooth to make sure we haven’t missed any potential tissue that could be infected.

Following the cleaning, we’ll seal the tooth to prevent decay or infection from creeping in again. We may recommend a crown to further protect the tooth. The infected tooth is fully restored.

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