CEREC Same Day Crowns

Teeth get damaged. It’s just a fact of life, but there are dental procedures designed to support, protect, and even enhance a damaged tooth’s function. If you have a cracked or decayed tooth, come see us. Don’t live with the potential pain or worry any longer.

At Drs Chapman & Owens, we offer patients CEREC same-day crowns designed to take away the pain or worry associated with a damaged tooth by restoring the chewing surface.

How Do CEREC Same-Day Crowns Work?

Our CEREC same-day crowns are different from the dental crowns that were initially developed and placed years ago.

Traditionally, when someone is in need of a dental crown, dentists would take a mold and craft the crown. The patient would have to come back after the crown was created, usually in about 2 weeks. The dentist then had to ensure the crown fit well. The process took a long time.

Today, with CEREC same-day crowns, you can come in for a fitting and have your crown created and placed in one visit!

Benefits of CEREC Same-day Crowns with Drs Chapman & Owens

CEREC same-day crowns provide a lot of benefits to the tooth or teeth they’re covering, including the following:

  • Protection of weak teeth.
  • Restoration of broken teeth.
  • Support of teeth with large fillings.
  • Prevention of cracked teeth from breaking further.

The restorative aspects aside, you receive some great cosmetic perks when you choose to get CEREC same-day dental crowns as well. Your crown is made to blend in with your unique smile. We match the color and shape of your crown to your other teeth.

Placing a CEREC Same-Day Crown

When you come for your appointment, we’ll create a mold for a tooth that will perfectly blend in with your other teeth. We’ll make sure the crown is shaped and colored so that it will look and function just like a normal tooth.

By shaping your new crown exactly right through the use of our CEREC machine, you can have a restoration that is comfortable as well as effective. Your crown restores your tooth and gives you lasting protection.

The exciting part is that we can do all of this in a single appointment! You can walk into our office for a brief appointment and walk back out with a fully restored tooth.

Get Your New Crown Today!

Give our office a call today with any questions about CEREC same-day crown fitting or to set up your appointment for a consultation!