Cosmetic Recontouring

There are several different cosmetic procedures available at Drs Chapman & Owens. We provide all sorts of treatments because we want to make sure you have as many options as possible to achieve the smile you’re looking for.

One of our popular cosmetic procedures is known as cosmetic recontouring.

What Is Cosmetic Recontouring?

Sometimes our teeth or our smiles are just barely crooked or slightly off. In instances like that, we don’t want to have to affix braces or perform other long, complicated procedures. That’s where cosmetic recontouring can be so useful.

Cosmetic recontouring is a procedure that reshapes slightly irregular teeth. It’s a quick, painless process that gets fast results in no time with minimal equipment or drug usage. 

Cosmetic Recontouring Uses

Cosmetic recontouring can be used to do the following:

  • Adjusting length of teeth: If you have longer than average canine teeth (or other teeth), cosmetic recontouring can be used to shorten the length and give your teeth a more uniform look. 
  • Smoothing out bumps or pits: Smooth away bumps or pits on your teeth’s surfaces with cosmetic recontouring.
  • Fixing slight irregular tooth shape: Uneven teeth can alter the look of your smile. Cosmetic recontouring can restore any uneven teeth to a natural shape.
  • Correcting small chips: Cosmetic recontouring can smooth away small chips in teeth. 

Dr. Chapman of Drs Chapman and Owens thoroughly enjoys reshaping and aligning teeth with cosmetic recontouring. Our recontouring process requires no local anesthetic or injections.

Cosmetic recontouring is a cosmetic treatment that leaves you with noticeably beautiful results. 

Overall, your teeth will function and look better than ever before— without needing crowns, veneers, orthodontics, or other dental procedures.

Let Us Reshape Your Smile!

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